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India & Beyond Three

This is going to be a full test post. With an introductory line or two, an image below which should link through to a gallery/tag page, and some more writing underneath the image reachable through a ‘MORE’ tag. At the very bottom there should be a twitter, tumblr and facebook like and reblog button. Let’s see how it goes.

Here is the internal storyline and dialogue. If anyone were to be intrigued enough to click and read… there are two different sections. The image lniking to a gallery and the Keep Reading, that links to this article-style paragraph. I would think that it works, if you click the image, then you are in the gallery, if you click 'Keep Reading’ then you are in the article. That is a usable outcome. Then all we have to wonder about is the layout of the front-page format, and the hidden tagpage tumblrcode in order to have psots that exist and are accessible, but not on the front page of the blog. Wish me luck.